Friday, 6 June 2014

Apps of the Week

Every week we are going to spend part of our Friday morning learning how to use some new iPad apps. The first app we had a go at exploring today was Explain Everything. Explain Everything is an app that you can use to explain anything. You can draw a picture and record your voice while you're drawing it. We discovered that you can change the colours by clicking twice on a colour on the left hand side of the screen. We could record our voice by clicking on the red circle that is in the middle, down the bottom. You click it again to stop recording. Then you push play (the green arrow) to hear what you recorded. You can also upload your own photos from your camera roll. 

Here are some of the ways we think we could use this app to support our learning:
  • To explain a maths strategy. 
  • To share what we've learnt about our Adventure Learning topic. 
  • For Science Fair e.g. draw a diagram of our experiment and explain it by recording our voice. 
  • We could retell a story that we have read during reading time. 
  • We could use it for Buzz About Books to do a book review. 

Explain Everything app icon 

The next app we got to explore was called Maths Slide Addition and Subtraction. Four people can play Maths Slide. You choose which colour you would like to be at the start. Then you get given a maths problem to solve. You slide your answer into the middle. If it is incorrect it will slide back. Whoever gets rid of all of their numbers first wins the game. 

We could use it for our maths to help us learn our addition and subtraction facts. We think it's good that it has different levels so that there is a game that every maths group can play.  

App review written by Room 8

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