Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Traveling Rhino Project

In Room 8 we are participating in the Traveling Rhino Project. There are five rhinos that are traveling to schools all over the world. The Traveling Rhino Project is about teaching children about rhinos and how we can save them from becoming extinct. We want people to stop poaching the rhinos for their horns. 

The rhino we are hosting in our class is called Lesedi. She has all over Australia and NZ. This is what she looks like. 

Today we explored the Save Our Rhinos wiki page. We learnt that there are five different species of rhino. The black became extinct in 2013 because people kept poaching. It makes us disappointed that people are doing this. The black rhinos had the biggest horns so we think that's why they became extinct first. People think that they can use the horns to make medicine to make people better, but it's not true. We are going to think of some ideas to try to help save the rhino and teach other people about why it's important. 

We read this story below. You might like to read it at school or at home.  

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