Monday, 26 May 2014

Kids Cafe

We are lucky to now have five iPads in our classroom. We will be integrating these throughout the curriculum and our every day learning experiences. Over the past week the children have been learning how to create an eBook using My Story. I have been looking for ways for Room 8 to share what they create on the iPads with a wider audience. That's when I came up with the concept of Kids Cafe. 

The idea of Kids Cafe is to get more children teaching each other. I wanted to take down the four walls of our classroom, distance and time barriers. So I started connecting with teachers via Twitter. Soon a bunch of enthusiastic teachers came on board and were excited about giving Kids Cafe a go. There are quite a few teachers from different parts of NZ, as well as a teacher in Canada and one in Malaysia. Kids Cafe is an awesome opportunity for children to share what they're passionate about through literacy and connect with other classes on a global level. 

Kids Cafe runs on a four week cycle. 

Week 1 - children contribute their ideas for presentations to a Google doc. 
Week 2 and 3 - children create their presentations. This could be an eBook like we did, a YouTube clip, Google Presentation etc. 
Week 4 - Each class to run their own Kids Cafe Day in their class where children learn from other children all over the world, directly via the presentations. Note: these are all uploaded to a Google Presentation. They're either embedded or a link is provided. 

To find out more about Kids Cafe you can visit the blog -

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