Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Creative Ways to Practise Spelling

In Room 8 we have been coming up with creative ideas of how to practise our spelling words. Here are some ways that we practise learning our words...

  • Window chalk
  • Using playdough
  • Whiteboards and whiteboard markers
  • Rainbow writing (writing in different coloured pens)
  • Practising our words in NZ Sign Language
  • Making them out of Lego pieces
  • Writing the word down, chopping up the individual letters, mixing them up and then trying to put them back in the correct order.
  • Coloured chalk on the concrete
  • Using paint brushes and water on the concrete
  • Writing with a stick in the sandpit
  • Using a glow stick to write our words in the air, once it's dark (one for home). 
  • Writing in invisible ink. To do this you will need to squeeze lemon juice into a cup. Use a cotton bud to dip into the lemon juice and then write your words on paper. Wait for it to dry. Then to see your secret spelling words you can hold the piece of paper underneath a lamp. Remember to make sure that you hold it at a safe distance. 

Here are some of the ways we practised our spelling at school today. 

                                Window chalk on our class mirror. 

Paint brushes and water.

Writing in the sand.

Using coloured chalk to write on the concrete. 


  1. To Room 8,

    It's a pretty cool way to practice your spelling words using a paintbrush with water on the concrete. Some of us might use this new way to practice our spelling words now.
    You have lots of cool ways to practice your spelling words.
    We like the idea of doing invisible writing to practice your words because it means you can write it down then try and spell it and you can mark your own work to see if you got it right.
    Have you ever tried spelling the words out with sticks? Or typed them in different fonts and sizes on the computer? Or write them in bubble or block or squiggly writing?
    Have these different ways helped you get more of your spelling words right?
    From Room 9
    (Vardon School, Quadblogging Buddies)

    1. We haven't tried those ways yet to practise our spelling, but we will add them to our list. We think learning our spelling like this helps us to get more words right. It makes it easier to remember our new words and it's fun.