Saturday, 22 February 2014

Water Fun!!

This year our overarching school theme is community. To celebrate our school community and to get to know the rest of the kids in our house we had a water fun day on Monday. We all dressed up in our house colours for the day. There were lots of awesome activities including: a water slide, sponge activities, team challenges, Star Wars, relays and fill the bucket. One of the highlights of the day was watching our teachers get dunked! Check out the awesome photos of Miss Gentil and Mr Delemare. 


  1. To Room 8,
    We have had a look at your blog as a class and we think it looks like you had a pretty cool day with all of that water. It has been super hot so we would have liked to have a water fun day at our school. We have been doing lots of swimming that has helped cool us off.
    We have got a few questions for you about your water fun day.
    Did your class win anything at the water fun day?
    How cold was your teacher after being dunked?
    Did your poor teacher have her togs underneath or a spare change or clothes? Or did she have to stay in her wet clothes for the rest of the day?
    What was your favourite thing about seeing your teacher being dunked?
    Did you have a favourite event at the water fun day? And why was that your favourite event?
    And did any of you get to be dunked or was it only the teachers?
    From Room 9
    (Vardon School, Quadblogging buddies)

    1. We didn't win anything because it was a fun day to celebrate our school community. Community is a school focus for us this year. Our teacher was freezing cold after being dunked. She stayed in her wet clothes for the rest of the afternoon. It was very funny. Our favourite part about seeing Miss Gentil get dunked was when she stood up and was soaking wet. The dunking machine was our favourite event. We also loved Star Wars. Star Wars is when you have to throw sponges at the other team. Each team has a jedi and the jedi has to stand in the hoop, but when they are outside the hoop you can hit them. If you hit them your team gets a point. Do you have fun days at your school? How do you celebrate community at your school?

    2. To Room 8,

      Did you kick your teacher out of the class for the rest of the day to do your learning outside since she was wet or did you let her back inside in her wet clothes?
      Did your teacher not know she was going to be dunked and that's why she didn't have a spare change of clothes?
      It sounds like you had a really fun day for your water fun day!
      Yes we have a fun day at our school. It is this Friday and it is called Tabloid Sports and we are selling juicies at it to raise money for our Grasshopper Tennis. We get dressed up in house colours and our teams are mixed up with juniors, middles and seniors and we do fun games likes egg and spoon races, potato sack races, parachutes and lots more.
      We noticed that you have house colours too. What colours are your houses? We have blue, green, yellow and red.
      We celebrate community by having fun days like Tabloids, and a Meet the Teacher BBQ in the second week of school where we could bring our families to meet other people in our class and see our classroom with our beautiful work. Every Friday our Survivor Challenge helps us build a strong class community because we learn to work together as a team.

      From Room 9
      (Vardon School, Quadblogging Buddies)