Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Teacher's Secret Life

We watched a YouTube clip called 'My Teacher's Secret Life'. Then we used it as motivation to write our own stories about Miss Gentil. Here is the story that Grayce wrote. 

I know almost everything about my teacher, Miss Gentil. She likes to travel, has lots of animals, likes reading on rainy days, has lived on a farm and hates growling kids.

At school we have to do our best work. We play fun maths games and we read cool class books too. At 3.00 pm we go home, but Miss Gentil stays at school for half the night. She goes to the staff room with the teachers. They all eat sweets like lollipops, brownies, cakes, popcorn, chocolate and ice cream. 

After a long, long snack Miss Gentil plays girly computer games. Then Miss Gentil goes to the hall for a game of freeze tag. Miss Gentil always gets tagged! When everyone is tired the teachers march like a marching band up to the library, where Mr T (the principal) reads all the teachers a book for the day. 

All the teachers are happy and relaxed, so they all go home from a long day of work, even Miss Gentil. No one knows what Miss Gentil does when she goes home. Do you know what she does? 

By Grayce

Here is the YouTube clip that we watched.

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