Thursday, 13 February 2014

Meet Baa Baa Smart Sheep

This week a very exciting parcel arrived in a shiny, gold bag. Inside we found the story 'Baa Baa Smart Sheep', a soft toy sheep and a packet of smarty tablets (pebbles). Miss Gentil explained that this would be our class mascot for the year. We are going to see how many different schools we can send him to this year. We're hoping that he might even get a trip or two overseas. If you would like to host Baa Baa Smart Sheep in your class you can find out more by clicking the link on the side of our blog. Keep checking our blog to see what Baa Baa Smart Sheep gets up to this year. He's all ready for his first adventure and will be off to Hawera next week. 

'Little Baa Baa is bored. When Quirky Turkey arrives on the scene, the opportunity to make some mischief proves too hard to resist. With snappy dialogue and hilarious illustrations, Baa Baa Smart Sheep is a laugh-out-loud story that will leave you thinking sheep aren't as stupid as we might think.’


  1. Hi Miss Gentil & Room 8
    What does your class look like?

    from Bianca

  2. Hi Bianca,

    I will upload some photos so you can see once we have put some art up on the walls. How is your classroom this year? It must be lots of fun getting to work with so many kids and having two teachers. Not long until you are a big sister now. Will catch up with you and mum soon.

    From Miss Gentil

  3. Bianca, maybe you could talk Senor Crump into letting you host Baa Baa Smart Sheep. It is one of his favourite books and he does awesome voices. Just make sure he doesn't steal all of the chocolate!!

    From Miss Gentil

  4. Senor Crump said he will read Baa Baa Smart Sheep to us one day. Everyone said YES!. Can't wait to become a big sister. Look forward to seeing your classroom when you do some art.

    Have a good weekend.
    From Bianca

  5. I love Baa Baa Smart Sheep! I have the book as well as the sequel, I love lemonade! I would be happy to take Baa Baa Smart Sheep with me to Silverton School in Melbourne Room 8.
    From Mrs Newman at Morningside School

    1. Yes please. We would love you to take him on an adventure to Melbourne. We think he would like that. He hasn't been on a plane before. Maybe we could post him to your class at the end of the term so he can meet them. Then you could take him to Melbourne.