Thursday, 13 February 2014

Saving Fred

One of our favourite team building activities we have played over the past two weeks was Saving Fred. To play Saving Fred you need a gummy ring, a plastic cup and a few paper clips. 

Fred (the worm) can’t swim so he needs a water ring (gummy ring). The problem is that his boat (plastic cup) capsized before Fred could get into his water ring. The water ring is now stuck underneath the boat (cup). Your challenge is to work together with your team to save Fred by putting his ring back on him. The catch is that you can’t touch Fred, his ring or the boat with your hands. Instead the only thing that can touch any of these three items is a paper clip. 

At the end we discussed why teamwork is 
important, strategies we used and what we would do differently next time. We had an awesome time working together to save Fred.

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  1. To Room 8,
    Every Friday in our class we have a Survivor Challenge and we get a different challenge where we have to work as a team. We get points for winning the challenge but we get more points if we work together as a team. This is like what you have done with Saving Fred.
    What did you learn about working as a team?
    What did you find frustrating about saving Fred?
    How did you end up getting Fred out of the boat and into his ring? What was the best teamwork solution?
    What was the hardest part about saving Fred?
    Did you save Fred or did you save him and then get to eat him?
    From Room 9
    (Vardon School, Quadblogging buddies)