Thursday, 13 February 2014

It Started With a Squiggle

In Room 8 we have been working towards starting our Adventure Learning projects (more information about Adventure Learning will be coming soon). An important aspect of Adventure Learning is the ability to be creative. Today we learnt that creativity takes time. 

We each got given a piece of paper with a squiggle on it. It looked like one of the photos below. 

Miss Gentil told us that we would be given some time to turn our squiggle into a picture and that we had to be creative. What she didn't tell us was how much time we would have to do it. We all started drawing and then after only 10 seconds she told us to stop. There were a lot of shocked, frustrated and even some upset faces. Miss Gentil then asked us what we thought about having 10 seconds to come up with a creative picture. Here are some of the comments. 

'I felt confused, because how can we draw a creative picture in only 10 seconds?' ~ Jacob 

'I felt quite upset because I wanted to draw some more and I wasn't finished.' ~ Jemimah 

'I felt mad because I thought we had to stop until the next day.' ~ William

We were then given ten more minutes to work on our pictures, before we had to share them. Once the time was up we talked about just how important time is when you're being creative. Have a look at our slideshow to see the difference between what we created in ten minutes, compared to ten seconds. 

This lesson was inspired by the YouTube clip 'Creativity requires TIME'. 

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